Books by Acacia Awai

SCALES Book 1 was released February 2012

Vivian Blue has always been a little different, but she had not idea how different, until Hatch Lancaster, Dragonkind’s bad boy, enters her life on a secret mission. Within a short time, Hatchis her boss, her friend and a man who haunts her heart and her dreams. Everything Blue has known and  believed has been a lie.

Surrounded by subterfuge and an unidentified danger, Blue is left with Hatch as her only protection and defense. But as she turns more and more to Hatch, the danger seems to come more from the man himself than from the mysterious activities in Dragonkind.
While the head dragon of one clan is trying to form a Joint Council to resolve the enmity between Dragondkind, Hatch is torn between his growing attractionfor Blue, his  responsibilities to the revered clan leader and loyalty to his homemland of Concord. Blue fears she’ll never fit into his world. She must choose between him and the place she’s always called home.


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Hope Mates: was released on September 3, 2016 download it at

Scales The Audio Book was released on July 11, 2012 (best price is iTunes $11.95)